When the ‘Pill’ was first produced in the late 1950s its claims were: socially enormous and medically safe. Nearly 40 years later the social implications have been supported and indeed the number of unwanted pregnancies and the serious complications that go with this, such as terminations , will also support its beneficial claims.

It takes over 2 minutes, however, to read the list of the variety of side effects and dangers that the Pill can create. Although the problems associated with the Pill are less numerous and less risky than the immediate dangers of a termination, and incomparable on a social basis to unwanted pregnancies, the side effects are nonetheless potentially lethal.

There is an increased risk of a variety of cancers with the use of the Pill although supporters would point out that the Pill also has protective effects. No conclusive trials are advertised against the use of the Pill because of the enormous financial gains made by the pharmaceutical industry from its sale.

The consensus of holistic opinion is against the use of artificially created hormones taking the place of the body’s natural cycle. The nature of the Pill’s effect is, broadly speaking, to convince the body that it is already pregnant and therefore does not need to produce the natural fertility hormones. There is little doubt that if other contraceptive methods are usable then the Pill should be avoided.

If a holistically-minded GP or a knowledgeable complementary medical practitioner has fully pointed out the risks and side effects and can see no reason why your past history, family history, lifestyle or general health would make you more prone to the side effects, then I feel that the use of the Pill over a nine-month period with a 3-6-month break afterwards offers a happy medium.

Please ensure that you read the list of side effects before going on the Pill.