The Eastern philosophies, but particularly the Chinese and Japanese, believe strongly that the universe is connected through immeasurable energy. This Qi emanates from all living organisms and permeates all matter. The forces of the universe, the movement of water, light, wind and everything else in the natural world – all these things have an energy which has an influence on everything else. The scientist who recently suggested that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in the Amazon may cause a storm in Central America was merely validating an age-old concept.

Feng Shui, meaning wind and water’, evolved from these ancient principles, and is concerned with the movement of energy in one’s immediate surroundings. It is the art of establishing the correct position for the body to be in at particular times of the day, so that negative energy can be curbed and positive healing energy increased. The position of the desk at work, the bed at night and the height of trees around the house all come into play, with a need to understand and vary colours and the shapes of household objects. Nearby water, visible or underground, is also significant. Water is associated with difficulty, and the flow of water can create ionic changes that strongly influence an individual’s Qi.

More books are becoming available on Feng Shui but practical advice from an expert is always the best. He or she can look at your personal space and give advice on all aspects of placement for optimum harmony, seeing the good and bad spaces for different areas of life within your home or office so that relationships, health, wealth, children, career and creativity may all be enhanced.