The kidney has several parts in its miraculously complex make-up. Different diuretics work in different ways but principally encourage the excretion of potassium, which causes water to leave the bloodstream and also causes the dehydrating effect of diuretics. There is no doubt that diuretics, along with antibiotics and steroids, have made a profound impact on the survival and well-being of many different types of patient with a variety of conditions. Prescribed by the right people and used in the right way, diuretics are life-saving. When abused, such as in weight loss, they can be surprisingly rapid in creating very dangerous states of health. The abuse of diuretics is a leading cause of death and disease in the list of dangers from prescribed drugs.

Most often used in cases of hypertension and cardiac conditions, alternative measures should be reviewed but prescriptions should not be stopped without the support of a GP or specialist.