Do not forget that asthma is a potentially lethal condition. Adjusting of asthma drugs is not recommended without medical supervision.

There are no orthodox asthma medications that are curative. The pharmaceutical industry has preferred to research into medications that keep asthma at bay but are not curative. This is a perfectly acceptable situation for an industry that is geared towards profit and not healthcare. Feel no anger towards the pharmaceutical industry on this count; they are very clear in their attitude.

The drugs used in asthma treatment are all geared towards decreasing mucus production and opening the narrowed bronchial tubes. Most are effective, relieving and in many cases life-saving. Do not underestimate their importance in medicine but do not consider their use in health maintenance. Nearly every branch of complementary medicine will have a treatment for asthma. If one is already being taken or you are being threatened with the use of asthma drugs, always consult a complementary practitioner before continuing or starting to use these drugs. Do not stop your use of antiasthma drugs unless monitored by a medical practitioner.