There are very few effective antiviral agents that can be taken by the humans. Killing a virus is not difficult, but the problem is the drugs will kill humans equally efficiently. Acyclovir is the most commonly used antiviral agent against herpes and shingles. This is, without doubt, an effective drug but probably kills many other viruses that may be of use to the body. It is also unable to penetrate the nervous system well, so it is only superficially effective and is in no way curative against herpes and shingles, which live in the nerve centres. The body’s best defence against antiviral agents is its own immunity, and promotion of this through complementary techniques is a safer and possibly more effective method of antiviral treatment .

Antiviral drugs are predominantly ineffective unless given in very toxic doses. The concept of an antiviral agent sustains the myth that ill-health is created by germs. In reality, the human immune system has the most efficient antiviral techniques, and correct maintenance and stimulation of this part of our bodies continues to be more effective than drugs.