As a general rule fever is considered by holistic practitioners to be a friend. Most bacteria and viruses do not fare well at higher temperatures whilst the body, although it may not feel too comfortable, can generally survive fevers up to around 103°F . The best-known antipyretics are aspirin and paracetamol . Their mode of action is varied between direct action on blood vessels, the effects on mediators called prostaglandins and effects on white blood cells that release chemicals that increase the body’s temperature in the presence of infection.

The holistic consensus would be to avoid any drug that goes against the body’s natural reaction unless the body is losing control. The pain- and discomfort-relieving aspects of antipyretics must be balanced against the potential for these drugs to prevent or slow down the healing response. Occasional use is not likely to be harmful but a need to use these drugs beyond 48 hours or their apparent ineffectiveness in allowing the body to heal strongly suggests a visit to your health practitioner.