There is no doubt that these drugs can be life-saving and have their place in holistic medicine. Their mode of action varies but in principle they tend to stop fast-replicating cells from doing so. This is usually done by interfering with the chemistry or the chromosomes of the cancer cells. Unfortunately, no cancer drug is that specific and they will have effects on other cells. The stronger ones will stop the cells in the bowel, hair follicles and bone marrow from behaving normally because all of these are fast-replicating cells as well.

If there is any big disappointment concerning cancer drugs it is that they are used in various combinations and quantities by different cancer specialists. Very few protocols are clearly defined and set up. We are still in a very early stage of anticancer drug development and many patients today are unwitting guinea pigs.

As in most pharmacological developments, anticancer drugs are geared towards killing the cancer and not dealing with the cause. It is imperative that anybody using an anticancer drug sees a specialist in complementary medicine for the best advice on how to avoid the side effects, help build up the body’s immunity, speed up the removal of the toxic drugs once they have performed their action and, most importantly, isolate the possible causes of the cancer and treat them .