The pancreas is found as an axe-shaped organ behind the upper part of the abdomen behind the small intestine and the stomach.

It has two principal functions, both glandular. As an endocrine gland , the pancreas produces insulin from special cells known as the islets of Langerhans. Insulin controls the sugar levels in the bloodstream. The exocrine function is to produce digestive enzymes that pass into the small intestine. These juices pass down the pancreatic ducts and join the common bile duct before entering into the duodenum.

The pancreas sits in that part of the body often referred to as the solar plexus. It lies under main acupuncture points along the vessel of conception and is tied into a theoretical axis running from the pituitary through the thyroid itself and down to the uterus and prostate. This axis is sensitive and a problem with any one organ may lead to a problem with another. Pregnancy is a prime example of triggering both thyroid and pancreatic deficiencies for no orthodox reason. These problems must therefore be viewed from a deep energetic angle as well as the practical, scientific one.


Inflammation of the pancreas is an extremely serious condition. It can damage the insulin and glucagon cells and cause metabolic chaos. More acutely, the enzyme-producing cells may break down, release the digestive juices into the pancreas and cause considerable destruction. Pancreatitis is, therefore, self-perpetuating and can be rapid in its development. Pancreatitis is extremely painful and difficult to treat because of this process. Usually triggered by alcoholic excess or viral infections, the symptoms may be the gradual onset of upper abdominal discomfort or a sudden severe pain. Nausea and vomiting are often associated with profound lethargy.


Pancreatitis must be diagnosed and treated by doctors. A specific blood test for a compound known as amalyse is diagnostic, along with the symptoms of pancreatitis.

Follow the advice given by the hospital and specialists accurately.

Consult with a complementary medical practitioner with experience in this area for homeopathic treatment. Only the most experienced of naturopaths should be allowed to treat prancreatitis with medication.

The pancreas is associated with the vessel of conception and therefore any energetic form of treatment is liable to be beneficial. Consider acupuncture initially.

Yoga and polarity therapy will affect the central energy store or chakras and benefit the condition.

Pancreatic cancer

This is a most serious cancer because it produces the complications of malignant disease but also pancreatitis at some stage. Cancer of the head of the pancreas can obstruct the flow of bile from the liver and gallbladder, and therefore one of the initial symptoms may be jaundice.