In the same way that women should be encouraged to examine their breasts on a regular basis, so should males examine their testes through the scrotal sack. Testicular tumours are most often benign but an unrecognized and untreated cancer is dangerous.

Coele is the medical term for lump and is prefixed by whatever has caused it. Hydro- , spermato- , varico- or haemato- are all examples. Most often these fluid filled sacks are caused by trauma but many arise spontaneously or with associated diseases such as infections or cancers.

A testicular swelling may prove to be a cancer. There are different types, some of which are more aggressive than others, but orthodox medicine has a good success rate if a testicular tumour is caught early.

Any testicular swelling must be investigated by a specialist. Ultrasound or endoscopic investigations will be carried out, along with urine, sperm and blood analysis.

Topical applications are pointless but, as a general rule, loose-fitting underwear and trousers are more comfortable and less likely to create problems.

Homeopathic remedies are listed and can be found by reference to your preferred homeopathic manual under the heading of testicular swellings or tumours.

Most swellings can be left alone once a firm and safe diagnosis has been reached but if this is not the case then an operative procedure, including the removal of a testicle, may be necessary. Needle drainage of a large fluid-filled coele is a less aggressive therapy.

If a swelling is a cancer .