This condition is hard enough to say and attempting to would make any sufferer worse. The TMJ is where your lower jaw joins the skull and is operated by one of the most powerful muscles in the body, the masseter muscle. Any malalignment of the joint or spasm of the muscle will create a pain that affects the jaw, the temples, the teeth and the cheeks. The discomfort can extend down the neck and around the skull, being a cause of headaches and migraines.

Clicking of the jaw joint may be an indication of the development of TMJ dysfunction or may be associated with discomfort. The cause is generally an improper alignment of the teeth or injury to the area. Problems with the parotid gland may cause inflammation creating a tension within the masseter that will pull the jaw out of place; age-related arthritis is another rare cause.


See a cranial osteopath as a primary referral.

Relaxation and meditation techniques to take the tension out of the masseter is recommended and for a few days try to eat soft foods only. Please note that a lack of chewable foods in the diet may give rise to the problem in the first place.

If there is a painful spot just forward of the angle of the jaw, gentle pressure may relieve the discomfort.

The application of heat to the area may relieve the symptoms.

Homeopathic remedy Arnica 6 can be taken every hour in an acute situation and four times a day to carry on treatment once relief is obtained.

Acupuncture may be added to any of the above if the problem persists.

Persistence may be due to an orthodontic difficulty and dentists who specialize in this condition should be consulted. It might be necessary to alter the bite or remove molar teeth that may have erupted incorrectly.