Trauma or, extremely rarely, diseases such as Paget’s disease or cancer may cause a fracture to the skull. Treatment is very much dependent upon where the fracture has occurred. Diagnosis is generally made by medical consultation, examination and radiographs , and generally hairline or thin fractures are left alone. Care must be taken to observe an individual in case an inter-cranial bleed has occurred.

Depressed fractures where the skull bone may be pushing down on the brain tissues or fractures which are causing malalignments may need to be corrected surgically.


Any blow to the head must be examined by a doctor immediately.

Do not refuse X-rays or even CT scans if the doctor is uncertain.

Skull fractures may not be dangerous in themselves but may cause damage to the blood vessels underneath which, should they continue to bleed, may cause pressure on the brain and create symptoms up to two months later .

Use the homeopathic remedy Arnica 6. Take four pills every 15min, until symptoms such as pain have resolved.