Restlessness is not a serious medical condition but most of us will struggle with the symptoms at some time in our lives. It is usually associated with boredom and when a clear correlation is apparent, the answer is to relieve the inactivity.

The difficulty is that we are often unaware of our spiritual, psychological or physical boredom and restlessness can interfere with our normal functions.

Restlessness is the chemical effect of stress neurotransmitters on the nervous system. Treatment needs to be geared towards removing excess stress chemicals and repairing any deficiencies that might be placing the nervous system under pressure.

Isolate any obvious cause of a spiritual or psychological emptiness and fill it with activity, mental exercise, meditation or prayer.

If there is no apparent reason for restlessness, then consider counselling or hypnotherapy to isolate a subconscious craving.

Remove all neurological stimuli such as caffeine, cigarettes, excess alcohol or other drugs, all of which, directly or indirectly, will overstimulate the nervous system.

If restlessness comes and goes, consider any correlation to foods eaten because food allergy may be relevant.

A persistence beyond the above measures may be suggestive of a nutritional deficiency and blood and hair analysis of vitamin and mineral lack should be undertaken under the guidance of a complementary medical practitioner.

Cranial osteopathy may be a temporary treatment.