This is a condition characterized by itchiness in association with small non-infected pimples that can occur anywhere on the body. Most commonly found in fair-skinned individuals in hot conditions, prickly heat is exacerbated by humidity. The cause is overheating, which triggers a histamine-like chemical release in conjunction with a blockage of the sweat glands.


See Sweating, Hives and Heat stroke.

The homeopathic remedy Sol , potency 6 taken every lOmin, can be markedly effective.

Apply Aloe vera gels or lotions if the area of prickly heat is small, otherwise take the maximum amount of Aloe vera as recommended on the product.

A complementary medical practitioner with expertise in this area may lead to a diagnosis of weakness within the large and small intestine, gallbladder, bladder, thyroid or adrenal glands.