An obstruction anywhere from the throat to the anus is not a matter of self-help unless it is caused by an easily reachable foreign object. Specific conditions should be referred to here and include cancer, toxic colon, volvulus and hernia. Intussusception and foreign objects are the most common causes in infants and children.

The symptoms are pain and bloating, usually associated shortly after with vomiting and, of course, an absence of bowel motions. An inability to pass wind in association with these symptoms must immediately arouse suspicion.


Any suggestion of a bowel obstruction must be examined by a GP.

Please refer to the relevant section here to deal with the cause of obstruction.

Do not try any form of laxative because this will make things worse.

Do not eat or drink anything until a diagnosis has been established.

The homeopathic remedies Carbo vegetabalis or Cinchona can be considered at potency 6 every lOmin until a doctor is seen, and thereafter a suitable remedy should be chosen by a trained homeopath.