This is the medical term for nerve pain and is most commonly associated with trigeminal neuralgia or sciatica .


Pain relief with orthodox drugs may be a necessary first-line treatment because of the severity of nerve pain associated with injury.

The homeopathic remedies Hypericum, Arsenicum, Ranunculus, Aconite and Iris should all be reviewed in your favourite homeopathic manual.

Any loss of movement or change in sensation, such as numbness or tingling, should be reviewed by a medical practitioner for a firm diagnosis. Remember that many neurological symptoms are not due to nerve damage but are associated with muscular or vascular conditions.

These supplements may be utilized in the following doses per foot height, divided with meals throughout the day: manganese 0.5mg, Magnesium lOOmg, lecithin 200mg. If there is no improvement within a couple of days, please contact a complementary medical practitioner initially and consider specific deficiency tests through blood or hair analysis.

Take twice the recommended daily allowance of a multivitamin B complex. Chromium can be taken with food three times a day.

Extract from the common oat can be taken as a fluid extract -1 teaspoonful with water every 3hr.

Acupuncture and mild electro-acupuncture treatment can be instantly relieving and help healing.

Marma massage and other Ayurvedic-derived techniques, such as neurotherapy, can be of benefit.

Any persistent neurological symptoms or obviously badly damaged nerves must be analysed by a neurologist, and investigations such as neuroconductive tests or magnetic resonance imaging should be carried out in the case of large nerves.

Alexander technique, yoga and Qi Gong may all help in the redevelopment of innervative areas.