A keloid is an overgrowth of scar tissue. Most commonly found following trauma or surgery, the formation of excess scar tissue has uncertain origins. Generally the body has a mechanism by which it prevents an excess of scar tissue being created and this mechanism is faulty in those who develop keloids. It is most often found in black-skinned people. I have yet to find any complementary therapy that can alter this defect, which is probably genetic.

A silicone derivative applied to an adhesive gel sheet has been developed that is claimed to work by flattening, softening and fading red and raised scars. This has been shown to work in scars up to 20 years old, and, as usual, is declared to have no risks. Its action is by hydrating the scar area which helps to reduce the size and redness of a scar and can improve elasticity of the tissue. The compound is traded as CICA-CARE.


Surgical treatment of a keloid may offer temporary relief but a keloid will form around the scar created by the operation.

The use of injected steroids may be of benefit and the experience of individual plastic surgeons or dermatologists is the guiding light.

If a trauma occurs or an operative procedure is inevitable in a keloid-forming individual, then consider using the homeopathic remedy Silica 30 twice a day starting one week before the operation and continuing for three weeks after the procedure or any trauma.

A Calendula cream may be of benefit and can be applied frequently to a keloid-susceptible site.

Please consider the use of CICA-CARE.