An itch is, medically speaking, a low level of pain. It is created by some irritation in the nerve endings that is not enough to send a pain impulse but enough to act as a warning. The nerve endings are affected by any obvious external irritant including chemicals, inflammation through trauma or infection, irritants that have been eaten and are coming out through the sweat, histamine release from a food allergy or insect sting, a metabolic disorder such as jaundice and eczema or dermatitis.


Isolate the cause or consult with a complementary medical practitioner initially to diagnose an underlying condition. Remove the cause where possible.

Persistent itching should be reviewed for diagnosis by a GP.

Hot or cold applications may be very beneficial.

In isolated or small areas the application of either a potato or an onion may be relieving.

Bathing in water containing a tablespoonful of almond oil may help. Do not rub off the oil but preferably dab or air dry.

Please refer to your preferred homeopathic manual and isolate one of the many remedies associated with itching.

Herbal treatments may be utilized but because they act as a type of anti-histamine they are best taken under the instruction of a herbalist.

Many cases of itching skin are allergic related .

See Pruritis.