This contraption is more commonly known as the coil. These multishaped devices are inserted by a doctor or gynaecologist into the cavity of the uterus. They set up a mild inflammatory response simply by irritating the inner lining of the uterus, which creates an environment in which a fertilized egg is not likely to implant. The fertilized egg will therefore pass out through the cervix or be expelled at the next period, although nature may override this inflammation and pregnancy can take place.

It is important to note that if fertilization of an egg does take place and if religious doctrine or personal beliefs do not allow the intentional cessation of life, then this form of contraception should not be considered.

There are other reasons why a coil or IUD should be used as a last resort. Infection may enter with the insertion of a coil or settle around this foreign object. Should the infection travel down the Fallopian tubes, it may block them and create sterility. Very often insertion is not recommended until the woman has had as many children as she wishes.

A common concern of alternative practitioners, although dismissed out of hand by the orthodox medical world, is the use of copper in coils. This encourages the inflammatory response but may allow some absorption of copper. Copper poisoning can lead to muscular and neurological conditions even as severe as epilepsy. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that a coil may create such toxic levels but minor effects may be created that we are unaware of.


The coil should only be considered as a form of contraception once the woman has had as many children as she wishes.

Insist on a non-copper coil.

Ensure that the coil is changed every two years.