Hives are an allergic reaction characterized by a red, raised, itchy or irritating circumscribed lesion that appears anywhere on the body, usually in groups but occasionally isolated.

Hives are a response caused by the release of histamine and similar chemicals, which cause small blood vessels to leak causing swelling of the tissues. These substances also encourage the opening of the small arteries, causing more blood to flow in because the body has sensed a ‘foreign’ invader and is trying to flush it away.

Hives may be triggered by allergies, which in turn may be caused by any number of things, ranging from toxins, the foods we eat, the drugs we take and infections such as yeast or fungi. It is well documented that stress can cause a hive reaction and needs to be considered if more material causes cannot be illustrated.


Pay attention to possible triggers especially drugs such as antibiotics that may appear in processed meats.

See Allergies for treatment.

Try applying ice, onion juice or an Urtica solution.

An Acidophilus supplement may be curative if the problem is a reaction to one’s own bowel yeast population.

Quercetin in divided doses with food throughout the day may be effective.

Homeopathic remedy Urtica urens 6 taken every 15min may remove the irritation.

Ensure to sustain a high intake of water to flush the system.