This is the medical term for a difficulty in swallowing. If it should occur for no particular reason or it is persistent, then see a physician or go to the hospital emergency room immediately.

Dysphagia can occur for either a physical or mental reason. The throat is a central chakra point in Eastern medicine and, whatever the immediate cause of the dysphagia might be, one must ask whether there is a build up or deficiency of energy in that area causing a blockage or an inability for the oesophagus to swallow.

Physical causes may include inflammation of the oesophagus, causing the food pipe to close up, external pressure from, say, an enlarged thyroid or lymphatic glands, but more sinister obstructive causes such as tumours need to be excluded in a persistent difficulty in swallowing.

Many people with dysphagia may have an associated eating disorder or a strong subconscious ability to stop a food allergen entering the system. Anxiety in general may create difficulty in swallowing, as may excitement or fear.

Persisting dysphagia for no apparent reason must be examined by a GP and possibly a specialist.

The homeopathic remedies Aconite and Stramonium, at potency 6, can be taken every 15min in an acute episode or whilst on the way to the doctor.

Emotional causes of dysphagia should be dealt with by a counsellor.