Compulsive/obsessive disorders are a group of psychological complaints characterized by repetitive actions of non-essential or useful activities. They can be looked upon as uncontrollable physical habits. The most common examples are frequent washing of hands, counting to a certain number before entering a room or performing a task or checking behind the door every time one enters a room. Minor compulsions/obsessions such as checking under the bed before sleeping are not serious and quite common. Treatment only needs to be considered if disruption or antisocial behaviour is occurring.


Consider the following homeopathic remedies at potency 6 every lOmin: Arsenicum album or Pulsatilla for anxiety at night, Sulphur for anxiety on awakening; Aconite, Causticum or Ignatia for anxiety with fear; Aconite or Baryta carbonica for anxiety with fever. As always, it is best to review a homeopathic manual when choosing.

Weak, sweet tea or chamomile tea is beneficial because anxiety can be associated with low blood sugar.

Learn and practise a breathing and relaxation technique.


Visit a homeopath for a suitable remedy.

Consider counselling if the anxiety levels are altering your daily life.

Relaxation or meditation techniques are essential.


These are not conditions that are easily treated by self-help. Seek guidance through a counsellor. Neurolinguistic programming and behavioural modification techniques are very effective, as might be eye-movement desensitization.

Homeopathic remedies can be utilized but need to be prescribed by a homeopath and should be used in conjunction with counselling.