Bursae are the small sacks that surround the joints in the body. They contain a nutrient and lubricating fluid called synovial fluid and the inner lining of these bursae is known as the synovial membrane.

Bursitis is inflammation of this membrane and is usually caused by injury or persistent use of the tendons that lie above the bursae. Housemaid’s knee is the most famous condition, although sportsmen and women can develop inflammation here as well.


Submerge the inflamed area in hot and cold water, 2min in each for 20min. Repeat this process three or four times a day.

Apply Arnica creams to the area.

Rest the area. You may need to immobilize the area with a bandage or sling for anywhere from 10 days to 6 weeks. In the case of a bursitis in the knee, avoid kneeling.

A red, swollen, hot joint will benefit by the homeopathic remedy Belladonna 6, four pills every hour, but a persistent discomfort requires a specific remedy and you should refer to your homeopathic manual, paying attention to the remedies Apis, Bryonia, Pulsatilla, Rhus toxicodendron and Ruta.

A persisting bursitis should be seen by an acupuncturist/osteopath for very effective and swift treatment.