A bunion is the swelling of a small sack that is lined with synovial membrane. Synovial is the medical term for the inner lining of all the sacks that surround the joints in the body. The term bunion is usually associated with a swelling at the base of the great toe and is associated with a thickening of the overlying skin and a forcing of the great toe across the other toes.

It is usually created by prolonged use of tight footwear, including socks, and if not noted early and treated correctly, surgery is the only option.


Avoid wearing tight, pointed shoes.

Spend as much time in bare feet as possible, especially if a bunion is appearing.

Apply cotton wool between the big toe and the fourth toe to try to correct the angle for as much of the day as possible.

Apply Arnica creams frequently.

If inflammation sets in use the homeopathic remedy Apis 6, four pills four times a day; if things do not settle within five days or if the problem worsens, consult a complementary medical practitioner.

Have your blood checked for levels of uric acid by your GP in case you have gout.

Try eicosapentaenoic acid and Bromelain at twice the recommended daily dose of a good natural product.

If an operative procedure is necessary .