Breast lumps are most commonly caused by swelling of the breast tissue in response to the hormone oestrogen and are known as breast mice, fibroadenomas or fibrocystic disease. They are generally harmless and have no greater tendency to become cancerous than regular breast tissue but cancer needs to be ruled out .

Generally speaking these lumps are symptomless but they can be tender and even painful, especially close to a period. Provided that they come and go and your doctor, gynaecologist consider the lump or lumps to be innocent, the following basic recommendations can be beneficial.


See Mastitis.

Soak in a hot bath.

If you are taking any hormonal replacements such as the pill or HRT, consider this to be relevant if not the cause.


Nipples can become painful, sore and cracked for reasons of friction, infection, trauma and skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. Breast feeding is notorious and special attention should be paid to the nipples during this period.



See the section on ‘General Care and Self-examination. ‘

Vitamin B6 – , zinc , Evening Primrose Oil and vitamin E twice a day can all be utilized until the lump or lumps diminish.

Avoid coffee and caffeine in general – they cause breast lumps.

Reduce dietary fat if the fibroadenomas are sensitive or preferably before they are due to become so if there is a cyclical pattern.

One teaspoonful of ginger, dong quai, liquorice root and four teaspoonfuls of Pau d’Arco are relieving and curative.

Burning and itching nipples can be treated by Arsenicum album or Sulphur, potency 6, four pills every 2hr. Cracks, fissures and ulcerations require selection from your homeopathic manual taking into consideration the remedies Arnica, Croton tiglium and Graphites. Generalized soreness can be relieved by chamomile, Conium Maculatum and Phytolacca.