Named after the doctor who first described it, Bell’s palsy is a paralysis of the muscles, usually unilaterally on one side of the face, due to trauma or inflammation of the facial nerve which exits at the base of the skull and travels across the face. It is often associated with trauma, strong draughts such as those experienced by hanging the head out of a moving vehicle, viral infections and very rarely more sinister causes such as tumours.

Bell’s palsy may resolve within a few days, whilst other palsies may never repair completely.


Consult a homeopath for a suitable remedy. Consult a cranial osteopath for treatment.

Use vitamin B± for three days only in combination with lecithin , a multi-B complex, folic acid and extra vitamin B12, all for one week.

If resolution is not forthcoming within a few days, discuss the matter with a medical practitioner for investigations via a neurologist.

Having established that the cause is not serious and if homeopathy and osteopathy have failed, consider acupuncture with or without the concurrent use of Chinese herbs.

Until discussed with an acupuncturist or Shiatsu practitioner avoid rubbing the area, as this may worsen the matter.