Belching or burping is the release of gas from the stomach through the mouth. There is generally an air bubble floating at the top of the stomach contents, kept in by the weak valve at the base of the oesophagus and the tightness created by the diaphragm where the oesophagus passes through it. It is perfectly normal to belch and only needs to be taken as a pathological problem if it is excessive or foul smelling. Eighty-five per cent of air in the gut is swallowed and the other 15 per cent is created by bacteria or the release of gas from food fermentation.


Try not to talk whilst you are eating or, more accurately, prior to swallowing.

Cut back on foods that contain air, such as leavened bread, fizzy drinks and pulses.

If the belching is foul smelling .

Diaphragmatic tension can squeeze the air bubble at the top of the stomach, so excessive stress can cause belching.

Very rarely, an irritation in the stomach lining can create a sensation of needing to belch.

Belching can also be a habit, which may require hypnotherapy or analysis to resolve.