Backaches will affect most people at some time of their lives. It is most commonly associated with years of incorrect posture whilst sitting or walking and also with poor abdominal musculature. If you consider the trunk of the body as a tube and imagine cutting out the lower half of one side, you have a good description of a human body with weak abdominal muscles. The strain is all placed on the back muscles, which invariably maintain a level of tension that is much easier to strain or pull. Structural abnormalities such as retroverted uterus or kidney inflammation are a cause and more chronic conditions such as arthritis of the spine, ankylosing spondylitis and ruptured disks must be ruled out, but for basic backaches that are not recurrent or persistent, certain rules can be used.


Apply heat in the form of a hot water-bottle wrapped in a towel, or hot baths. Homeopathic remedies to be considered are Arnica, Magnesia Phosphorica, Rhus Toxicodendron and Ruta. These are a few common remedies amongst the vast array. Refer to your preferred homeopathic book. Herbal treatments such as strong chamomile tea, aniseed , caraway seeds and Passiflora are a few of the antispasmodic herbs.

Regular body work is recommended. Massage can work wonders. Polarity therapy, the Alexander technique, yoga and Qi Gong are all useful to correct posture if backaches are recurrent.

Debilitating backaches should be assessed by an osteopath or chiropractor.

Persisting problems not amenable to osteopathy or chiropractic should be referred to Rolfing or Shiatsu practitioners and have some relief.

Commonsense. If you have a weak back, do not pick up heavy objects and do not spend time in a stooped position.

Sleep on a hard mattress, preferably face up, without a pillow. ยป Avoid orthodox painkillers because removing the pain will allow a continuation of the bad posture or injury which may therefore worsen.

Assessment from an orthopaedic specialist is a last resort.