This is an autoimmune disease affecting the joints between vertebrae. It generally starts in the lower spine and presents as backache and stiffness with referred discomfort such as chest pain, leg pains and sometimes breathing difficulties.


Osteopathy and acupuncture are essential for both pain relief and potential curative treatment.

Specific herbal treatments, especially Chinese and Tibetan, can be most beneficial.

Homeopathy needs to be considered and specific remedies should be based on the type of discomfort. The remedy Calcarea Fluorica 30 taken every 2hr can be very beneficial in acute attacks.

Daily exercise is essential to keep the muscles from going into spasm. Yoga and the Alexander technique should be considered.

Regular visits to a Shiatsu or Rolfing practitioner are most relieving, as is basic massage and physiotherapy.

As with any back problems, ensure that you sleep on a hard mattress. Practise the neutral position several times a day.