Ajuga (Bugle)

These make good bed and border plants when grown in partial shade. Sow in the open ground in April. They bloom in June or July, the flowers being blue, rose and white. Root division can take place in October or March. Height, 18-in.

Allium. Bulbous-rooted plants, grown in borders or rock garden. They should be planted in October or November in sandy loam in a sunny spot. Seeds may be sown in spring in a cold frame. Increase also by offsets removed after flowering.

Many useful varieties are offered by bulb-growers: A. Mohj, flowers earlier, with heads of yellow. This is very suitable for naturalizing in the wild garden.

A. neapolitanum, the Daffodil Garlic, has white flowers in June.

A. roseum has attractive rose flowers.

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