Adenophora (Gland Bell-flower)

These are suitable border plants, and the pretty blue flowers which they bear from June to August make excellent cut flowers. Sow in boxes or pots in March in the cold frame. Divide the roots in spring. Height 3-ft.

Ethionema. Hardy evergreens, most suitable for the rock garden. Plant in spring or autumn. They should be grown in loam and mortar rubble in sunny spots. They may be increased by seeds, but the best method of increase is by cuttings inserted in sandy soil in early autumn.

Of the various species, the following are specially useful: A. armenum, blue-grey foliage and pink flowers, July. Height 6-in.

A. iberidcum. Prostrate foliage and white flowers, early spring. Height 4-5 in.

A. persicum. Pink flowers and glaucous foliage.

A. Warleycnsis. A new hybrid and one of the best. The flowers are rose-coloured and the bushes neat, with glaucous leaves. The flowers appear over a long period from May onwards.

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