Accidents and their prevention

Many people die and are injured every year because of accidents that could have been prevented. Statistics in Western countries show that approximately an equal amount of people die in road accidents as in accidents at home; and out of all those who seek hospital treatment for injuries resulting from home accidents, half are children. Statistics such as these could be greatly reduced by better education concerning the dangers on the roads, at the workplace and in the home. Try to make sure that the members of your family know how to cross the road safely. Keep young children out of the kitchen and away from dangerous items such as fires, cookers and electrical appliances; also, whenever possible, matches, household chemicals such as bleach and medicines should be kept locked away and out of children’s reach. Discuss with your family what to do in the event of a fire in the home; get a fire extinguisher and perhaps a fire blanket for the kitchen, and make sure everyone knows how to use them. At work, it is imperative that all safety practices are followed carefully – negligence is a major cause of workplace injuries.

If an accident does happen, even young children should know how to call an ambulance or the fire brigade. Keep a list of emergency phone numbers displayed clearly near, or on, your telephone. Taking the trouble now to become organized and educated about safety measures and first aid may well save someone’s life in the future.