Our aim with this site is to eventually cover all aspects of self sufficiency that may or may not be needed in the so uncertain future. The site covers all aspects of life that may one day need to be ‘self’ managed, alone, or at least in small communities.

It is for this reason that we go beyond the normal remit of self sufficiency, into areas of health, finance, psychology and self defence. The current world is like a house of cards, so intricately connected via globalism, that when one part breaks down, the rest can potentially tumble. It is not just enough to know how to grow your own food in this scenario, but to be able to protect what you have, cure yourself from illness, and remain optimistic and happy.

We have thousands of pages of information, sourced from several centuries of human endeavor, and from times when people truly were self sufficient. The best way to find something is to just use the search box.

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