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Abdominal injury

Such injuries can have various forms, in varying degrees of seriousness, from slight to potentially fatal. They are categorized as either injuries with a visible wound (from a bullet, knife, spike on a railing etc.) or those without (caused by a kick, blow from a hard object etc.). In the latter category particularly it is easy to be misled about the seriousness of the injury because the fact that there is no surface damage can conceal the extent of internal injury. Perforation of the stomach or intestine is usually the result of stabbing, shooting or cutting, but can also be caused by a blunt instrument. If the stomach or duodenum is perforated, quantities of air and the contents of the stomach enter the abdominal cavity, causing peritonitis and intestinal failure. Bleeding can occur from various organs such as the spleen (ruptured spleen), liver (ruptured liver) or stomach, leading to accumulation of blood in the abdominal cavity, and serious loss of blood which may at first go unnoticed. This can lead to shock, with manifestations such as paleness, perspiration, restlessness, rapid heartbeat, and cold hands and feet. Contusion of an internal organ can cause various manifestations; blood in the urine from the kidney (haematuria); urinary problems from contusion of the bladder. Serious symptoms such as severe pain in the upper abdomen with vomiting and restricted intestinal function (ileus) can be the consequence of a pancreatic conditions. The underlying condition is identified by X-rays. An abdominal puncture may be necessary to establish the presence of blood in the cavity; this can also be detected by a dull sound on percussion, but only if the amount of blood is large. If an internal injury is apparently serious but cannot be located it may be necessary to conduct an examination by laparoscopy. If an organ is perforated or torn then surgery is required to stitch it. If the spleen is damaged it is usually removed because the tissue is very weak and can be stitched only with difficulty. Because it is so difficult to estimate the seriousness of abdominal injury immediately after an accident it is often necessary to keep the victim in hospital for observation, so that an operation can be performed immediately in the event of sudden deterioration.

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