ABBREVIATIONS in common use in written and printed matter.

A 1. First class (at Lloyd’s)

A.B. Able-bodied seaman.

Abbr. Abbreviated.

Abp. Archbishop.

Ac. Acre.

A.C. {Ante

Christum) Before Christ.

A/c (Acct.). Account.

A.D. {Anno

Domini) In the Year of Our Lord.

A.D.C. Aide-de-camp.

Ad fin. {Ad finem) To the end.

Ad lib. {Ad libitum) At discretion.

Jet. {Mlatis) Aged.

A.F.A. Associate Faculty of


A.M. {Anno

Hejires) The year of the Flight.

A.I .A. Associate Institute of


A.M. {Anno Mundi) Year of the World; {Ante Meridiem) before midday.

A.M.I.C.E. Associate Member of Institute of Civil Engineers.

A.M.I.E.E. Associate Member of Institute of Electrical Engineers.

Anon. Anonymous.

Ans. Answer.

A.O.D. Ancient Order of Druids.

A.O.F. Ancient Order of


App. Appendix.

A.R.A. Associate of the Royal


A.R.A.M. Associate of the Royal Academy of Music.

A.R.C.O. Associate of Royal

College of Organists.

A .R .1 .B .A. Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

A.R.S.A. Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy.

A.R.W.S. Associate of Royal Society of Water-Colours.

A.S. Anglo-Saxon.

A.U.C. {Anno urbis condites) ‘from the foundation of the city’’ (Rome). b. born.

B.A. Bachelor of Arts.

Bart, or Bt. Baronet.

B.C. Before Christ.

B.C.L. Bachelor of Civil Law.

B.D. Bachelor of Divinity

B.L. Bachelor of Law.

B .Lit. Bachelor of Literature.

B.Litt. Bachelor of Letters.

B.M. Bachelor of Medicine.

B .M. British Museum.

Bot. Botany; Botanical.

B.S. Bachelor of Surgery.

B.Sc. Bachelor of Science.

B.Th. Bachelor of Theology.

B .V .M. Blessed Virgin Mary. c. Cents; centimes; centigrade.

C. Roman numeral for 100.

C.A. Chartered Accountant.

Cantab. {Cantabri- giensis) Of Cambridge University.

Cantuar. Of Canterbury.

C.B. Companion of the Bath (Order of)

C.C. County Councillor.

C.C.C. Corpus Christi College.

C.E. Civil Engineer.

C.E.T.S. Church of England Temperance Society. 228

Cf. (confer). Compare.

C .1. Imperial Order of the

Crown of India.

CLE. Companion of the

Order of the Indian


C.M.G. Companion of the

Order of St. Michael and St. George.

Co. Company; County.

Con. Contra. In opposition.

C.P.S. Keeper of the Privy


Cr. Credit; Creditor.

C.S. {Custos

Sigilli) Keeper of the Seal.

C.S.I. Companion of the

Order of the Star of


Cy c 1. Cy c lopzed ia. d. Died.

D. {Den arius) A penny.

D.C.L. Doctor of Civil Law.

D.D. (Divi- nitatis

Doctor) Doctor of Divinity.

Del. Delete.

D.G. {Dei

Gratia) By the Grace of God.

Do. Ditto; the same.

D.Ph. Doctor of Philosophy.

Dr. Debtor; Doctor.

D .Sc. Doctor of Science.

D.V. {Deo volenle) God willing. e. & o .e. errors and omissions excepted.

E.C. East Central; Esta- blished Church.

Ed. Edition; Editor. e.g. {Exempli gratia) For example.

Encyc. Encyclopaedia.

Eng. England; English.

Esq. Esquire.

Etc. {Et cestera) And so forth.

Exr. Executor.

Fahr. Fahrenheit.

F.A.I. Fellow of the Auc- tioneers’ Institute.

F.D. {Fidei Defensor) Defender of the Faith.

F.F.A. Fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries.

F.G.S. Fellow of the Geo- logical Society.

F.H.S. Fellow of the Histori- cal Society.

Fo. Folio.

F.R.C.O. Fellow of the Royal

College of Organists.

F.R.S. Fellow of the Royal


F.S.A. Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries; of


G.B. Great Britain.

G.C.B. Knight Grand Cross of the Bath. G.C.M.G. Knight Grand Cross of

St. Michael and St.

George. G .C.V .O. Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian


Gent. Gentleman.

Geog. Geography.

Gcom. Geometry.

G.M.T. Greenwich Mean Time.

G.P. General Practitioner.

G.P.O. General Post Office.

Gr. Greek; Grains; Gross.

G.R. {Gcorgius Rex) King


H.B.M. His Britannic Majesty.

Hist. ’. iistory.

H.M. His or Her Majesty.

H.M.S. His Majesty’s Service;

Ship. H .R .11. His or Her Royal

Highness. H.S. {Hie situs). Here lies. lb: or Ibid. {Ibidem). In the same place.

I.D.B. Illicit Diamond Buy- ing. I.e. {Idest), that is. I .H .S. {Iesus Hominum

Salvator). Jesus Saviour of men.

Imp. Imperial.

Incog. {In cognito) . Unknown.

I.N.R.I. {Iesus Nazarenus Rex ludaorum). Jesus of Nazareth,

King of the Jews.

Inst. Instant; the present month.

I .O .U. I owe vou.

It. Italian; Italy.

J .A. Judge Advocate

Jn.,Jun. Junior.

J.P. Justice of the Peace.

K .B. Knight of the Bath.

K.C. King’s Counsel.

K .C .B. Knight Commander of the Bath.

K .C.M.G. Knight Commander of St.Michael and St. George.

K.C.S.I. Knight Commander of the Star of India.

K.G. Knight of the Garter.

Kil. Kilometre.

K ilo. Ki logram me.

K .P. Knight of St. Patrick.

Kt.orKnt. Knight.

L. 50 (Roman numeral)

Lat. Latitude; Latin. lb. Pound weight.

L.C.J. Lord Chief Justice.

Lib. (liber) A book.

Lit. Literally.

LL ,B. Bachelor of Laws.

LL ,D. Doctor of Laws.

Lon., Long. Longitude.

Loq. (loqui- lor). Speaks.

L.S. (Locus sigilli) Place of the seal.

L.S.D.(libra, solidi, den arii) Pounds, Shillings,


Ltd. Limited. m. married.

M. Roman numeral for 1,000.

M. A. Master of Arts.

M.B. Bachelor of Medicine.

M.D. Doctor of Medicine.

M.E. Mining Engineer.

Mem. Memorandum.

M.F.H. Master of Foxhounds.

M.lnst.C.E. Member of Institute of Civil Engineers.

Mile. Mademoiselle. mm. millimetres.

M.A I. Messrs.; Messieurs.

Mme. Madame.

Mngr. Monsignor. mo. month.

M. P. Member of Parliament

M.R.C.S. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons.

M .R .C .V .S. Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Mrs. Mistress.

MS., MSS. Manuscript ; Manuscripts .

Mus.D. Doctor of Music. n. noun; nephew.

N .B. North Britain; (Nota bene) Note well.

Nem. Con. (Nemine contradicente). No one contradicting.

Net.Nett. (Nelto). Free from all deductions. No. (numero). Number. Non.seq. (nonsequilur) It docs not follow.

N.P. Notary Public.

Ob. (Obiil) Died.

Obs. Obsolete.

O.H.M.S. On His Majesty’s


O.M. Order of Merit.

O .P. Opposite to Prompt

Side (stage term).

O.S. Old Style.

Oz. Ounce.

P. page; pp, pages.

Par. Paragraph. p.c. (per centum). By the hundred.

P.C. Privy Councillor;

Police Constable. Per pro. Per procuration. (For and on behalf of). Pinx. pxt. (Pinxit)

He painted it.

PI. Place; plural.

P.M. (Post

Meridian) .Afternoon.

P.M.G. Postmaster General.

P.O. Post Office; Postal


P.O.O. Post Office Order.

Pop. Population.

Pp. pages.

P.P.C. (Pour prendre conge) (Fr.).

To take leave.

P.R.A. President of the Royal


P.R.I. President of the Royal

Institute of Painters in Water-Colours.

Prof. Professor.

Pro. Tern. (Pro tempore). –

For the time being. Prox. (Proximo) .Next.

P.R.S. President of the Royal

Society. P.S. (post scriplum). Postscript.

P.T.O. Please turn over.

Q.E.D. (Quod erat demonstrandum). Which was to be demonstrated . Q.E.F. (Quod crat faciendum). Which was to be done. Quant, suff. (Quantum sufficit). A sufficient quantity. q.v. {quod vide). Which see. r. Right.

R.A. Royal Academician.

R.A.M. Royal Academy of


Rev. Reverend.

R.I.P. (Iiequicscat in pace).

May lie rest in peace.

R.N. Royal Navy.

R.S.V.P. {Rcspondezs’llvousplait) (Fr.). Please answer. Sculp. (Sculpsil) He or she engraved it.

Sec. Secretary.

Seq. (scqitentes o) sequenlia).

The following.

S.P.Q.R. {Senatus Populusque

Romamis). The Senate and People of Rome.

Sq. Square.

S.S. Steamship.

Syn. Synonymous.

T.O. Turnover. tr., trs. Transpose. Ult. {ultimo).


Univ. University.

U.P. United Presbyterian.

U.S. United States. v. {versus) against; {vide) see.

V. Roman numeral for five.

V .C. Victoria Cross.

V.G. (verbi gratia). For example

Vise. Viscount.

Viz. Namely; to wit.

V.R. Victoria Regina.

V .S. Veterinary Surgeon.

W. West.

W.C. West Central.

W.D. Department for War.

W.I. West Indies.

Wis. Wisconsin.

W.N.W. West-north-west.

W.O. War Office.

W.S. Writer of the Signet.

W.S.W. West-south-west.

X. Roman numeral for


X.orXt. Christ.

Xmas. Christmas.

Xn.,Xtian. Christian

Yds. Yrs. & &c

Yards. Years. And. And so forth.