WE only enjoy and appreciate the things for which we work. When we work to own a house and keep it in order we truly know the joy of a home. We must remember that the home is the backbone of the nation, when that weakens the nation weakens. We may actually possess our ideal home only in our imagination, but we can do all in our power to bring our abode as near that ideal as possible.

Of course, being a mar., my ideal of such a home is far different from the womans side of the question. I like a comfortable home. By that I mean a place that is not furnished too finely to live in and enjoy. 1 think that the average man, in his ideal, dreams of a place in the home where he can have a corner to call his own; a corner which will be free of feminine influence and reflect his ideas. This is as dear to him as a boudoir to the woman of the house.

As to the furnishings of that ideal place of existence, mere man likes there solid chairs that were meant to be sat in; couches to lie on; tables that are sturdy, and a complete absence of frilly curtains or glaring colour schemes. Give a man this sort of a home interior, clean but not too immaculate, and he will think he has struck a little bit of Heaven on earth. But that is not all. He wants children running over its floors and filling its rooms with laughter. They give the finishing touch.

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