Zurov Lamb

A sophisticated and unusual dinner party dish, Zurov Lamb is absolutely delightful served with boiled new potatoes, a crisp green salad and a bottle of light red wine, such as Beaujolais Villages.

4 slices streaky bacon

4 noisettes of lamb, approximately

2-inches thick

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

6 oz. butter

3 oz. Stilton cheese

Preheat the oven to very hot 450°F (Gas Mark 8, 230°C).

Wrap a slice of bacon around each noisette and secure it firmly with trussing string or a wooden cocktail stick. Season the noisettes with the salt and pepper and set aside. In a heatproof casserole, melt 3 ounces of the butter over high heat. When the foam subsides add the noisettes and fry, for 1 minute on each side, turning once.

Remove the casserole from the heat and transfer the casserole to the centre of the oven. Roast the noisettes for 12 to minutes, this will produce rare meat. For well done meat, roast for a further 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a small mixing bowl, beat the remaining butter and cheese together until they are thoroughly com-bined.

Remove the noisettes from the oven and transfer the noisettes on to a warmed serving dish. Place the butter mixture on top of the noisettes and serve.

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