Yzeron Alligator Pears

Yzeron Alligator Pears are a simple and easily prepared first course. Serve cold, with lots of hot Melba Toast and butter accompanied by a bottle of well-chilled white wine, such as Muscadet.

6 oz. Roquefort cheese, finely crumbled

4 fl. oz. double cream , stiffly whipped

½ teaspoon crushed black pepper-corns

3 avocados, halved and stoned

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Place the cheese, cream and pepper in a medium-sized mixing bowl and, using a kitchen fork, beat until the ingredients are thoroughly combined.

Place the mixing bowl in the refrig-erator to chill for 30 minutes.

Arrange the avocado halves on individual serving dishes. Sprinkle over the lemon juice and set aside.

Remove the bowl from the refrigerator and divide the mixture equally among the avocado halves, filling the centre of each one.

Serve immediately.

Three mouthwatering dishes; Yuri’s Chicken Puffs is an ideal supper dish, Yzeron Alligator Peats makes a sophisticated hors d’oeuvre and Yvetot Clams Hors d’Oeuvre will tempt the most jaded of palates. ..’. often served on its own in individual glasses areompamed by ratafia biscuits or Macaroons.

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