Xavier Consomme en Gelee

This soup is extremely easy to make and, with the substitution of red caviar or lump-fish roe, makes a fairly inexpensive first course. Serve Xavier Consomme en Gelee (hah-vee-ay kohn-sohm-ay awn jeh-leh) with chilled white wine.

30 fl. oz. canned condensed consomme, chilled

4 fl. oz. sour cream

4 oz. caviar

Place the consomme in a large mixing bowl, and beat with a fork for 2 to 3 minutes or until the consomme forms small granules. Using a large spoon, An exotic salad dish, Xato may be served as an accompaniment to a main course or as an Jwrs d’oenvre. divide the consomme among 6 individual soup bowls. Spoon the sour cream and caviar on to the consomme. Serve immediately.

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