Winnipeg Dipper

This superb Canadian ice-cream is deli-ciously rich but it is superb to eat! Serve Winnipeg Dipper with Langues de Chats or sponge finger biscuits .

4 eggs, lightly beaten

8 fl. oz. maple syrup

1 pint double cream

6 oz. chopped walnuts

Place the eggs in a large, heatproof mixing bowl.

In a small saucepan set over moderate heat, warm the maple syrup until it has thinned slightly. Gradually pour the syrup on to the eggs, beating constantly with a wooden spoon.

Place the bowl in a pan of hot water set over moderately high heat. Stir with a wooden spoon until the mixture begins to thicken. Remove the pan from the heat and remove the bowl from the pan. Set aside to cool completely.

In a medium-sized mixing bowl, using a wire whisk or rotary beater, beat the cream until it forms stiff peaks. With a metal spoon, fold the cream into the egg mixture.

Spoon the mixture into a freezing tray. Place the tray in the frozen food storage compartment of the refrigerator. Freeze the mixture for 4 hours or until it has set.

Remove the tray from the frozen food storage compartment. Spoon the ice-cream into chilled individual glass serving dishes. Sprinkle over the walnuts and serve at once.

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