A marvellously refreshing drink for summer, Wienerspritz (vee-nchr-sprits) is a combination of white wine and soda. It can be made as an individual long drink, as it is here, or, if you wish, by quadrupling the quantities you can make it a pleasant white wine punch. We have suggested Austrian zoine here for authenticity’s sake but any German white zoine or an Eastern European Riesling would be just as effective.

4 fl. oz. Schluck white wine, chilled

3 fl. oz. soda water

2 ice cubes

1 lemon slice

Chill a tall cocktail glass in the refrig-erator for 10 minutes. .

Remove the glass and add the wine, soda water and ice cubes. Stir well to blend, then add the lemon slice. The drink is now ready to serve.

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