Watsonia (Bugle Lily)

Half-hardy bulbous plants, mostly grown in beds and borders.

Plant in spring in a deep, rich soil, enriched with decayed manure, setting the bulbs 4 inches deep and 6 inches apart. They are best grown in groups. They like a sunny, sheltered, and well-drained position. They will need a layer of manure in winter as a protection. When the flower heads appear, a weak dose of liquid manure may be given.

Stake the plants when 2-3 inches high. When the foliage dies down, in September, the bulbs should be lifted and stored in a cool, niry place tiil planting time. Increase by offsets treated as bulbs. Also, seeds may be sown in mild temperature in February.

The flowers are mostly shades of red. They are borne on stems up to 4 feet in height, the flowering period being during the summer.

Wulfenia. Hardy perennial herbs suitable for rock garden cultivation. Plant in spring in a light, rich sandy loam. They like to be grown in a partly-shaded position. Increase by division of the plants in spring, or seeds may be sow I in a cold frame in spring.

The flowers are blue, borne on stems 1 foot in height in July.

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