Watermelon Shells Filled with Fruit

A simple dessert from China, watermelon shells filled with a delightful mixture of fruit is excellent to serve after a Chinese meal.

1 medium-sized watermelon, cut in half lengthways

20 canned lychees, drained

4 fresh peaches, blanched, peeled and sliced

1 lb. white grapes, peeled and seeded

Using a sharp knife, carefully scoop out the flesh of the watermelon and cut it into cubes, removing and discarding as many seeds as possible.

Place the diced watermelon in a medium-sized bowl. Add the lychees, peaches and grapes. Using two large spoons, toss the mixture well.

Divide the mixture equally between the two melon shells. Place the shells in the refrigerator to chill for 30 minutes.

Remove the shells from the refrigerator and serve immediately.

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