Water Polo

This aquatic ball game can be played in any stretch of water that is at least 3 feet deep, 19 yards long and 8 yards wide, but a convenient size pool is one that measures about 30 yards, not more, in length, and 20 yards in width. The goals should be 10 feet wide, and 3 feet high (from the surface of the water). The ball is similar to a football, and should be from 27 inches to 28 inches in circumference.

Seven players form a team, usually composed of three forwards, one halfback, two backs and a goalkeeper, and the duration of a game is 14 minutes, divided into two equal halves, the teams changing ends after a three-minute half-time interval.

The players may not touch the ball with both hands at the same time; 6tand or touch the bottom, except to rest when temporarily out of the game; jump or push off from the bottom or side except when restarting; hold the side or rail in the course of play. These rules apply to all plajers with the exception of the goalkeeper, and are penalized by a free throw to the side offended against.

It is not permissible to interfere with or impedo an opponent when he is not playing the ball, or to hold the ball under the water when being tackled. A free throw is awarded for these infringements, which apply also to the goalkeeper.

Wilful fouls are penalized by a free throw, and also by the offending player being ordered out of the water until a goal has been scored. In the category of wilful fouls is included the deliberate committing of an ordinary foul; deliberate aplashing of an opponents face, wasting of time- starting before the word Go, and the taking up of a position within a yard of the opponents goal.

Play is controlled by a referee, and at each end there is a goal scorer, or judge, who decides whether a goal has been fairly scored or not.

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