Warsaw Liqueur

This superb liqueur from Poland consists of fermented cherries diluted with pure vodka! Serve the liqueur, after keeping it for at least 8 months, either on its own after dinner or diluted with soda water as an aperitif. The cherries, after the mixture has been strained, may be used in cooking or for eating, if they are dipped in sugar first.

If PINTS 3 lb. Morello cherries, halved and stoned 2½ lb. sugar 15 fl. oz. vodka

In a large stone crock or jug, make layers with the cherries and sugar, ending with a layer of sugar. Cover the crock or jug tightly and set aside at room temperature for 4 weeks or until the mixture has stopped fermenting.

Serve Warmer Malteser Spargel with elegant Walter’s Seafood Mousse for a perfect lunch or dinner.

Pour the vodka into the crock or jug and cork it tightly. Set aside for 4 weeks. Remove the cork and strain the liquid into sterilized, dry bottles.

Seal the bottles and set aside for at least 8 months before serving. The longer you leave the liqueur to mature the better it will be.

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