Vitalise Milk Shake

A healthy, vitaniin-filled drink, Vitalise Milk Shake is really good for you! Serve for a different breakfast or as a refreslmig mid-morning drink. pint milk

1 fl. oz. fresh grapefruit juice

2 fl. oz. rose-hip syrup

1 tablespoon clear honey

1 tablespoons chopped unsalted cashew nuts

Place the milk into a large serving jug. Using a long-handled spoon, stir in the grapefruit juice, rose-hip syrup and honey.

Cover the jug with aluminium foil and place it in the refrigerator to chill for 1 hour.

Remove the jug from the refrigerator. Pour the mixture into 4 chilled glasses. Sprinkle over the chopped nuts and serve at once.

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