Uunissa Paistettu Hauki aa

A delightful Scandinavian dish, Uunissa Paistettu Hauki (oo-nees-sah pyc-stct-toh hoow-kec) is ideal to serve at a dinner party, accompanied by crisp green salad. It can also be eaten cold, with cucumber salad.

1 x

3½ lb. pike, cleaned and gutted, with the head and tail left on and the backbone removed

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon black pepper

4 oz. butter

2 medium-sized onions, finely chopped

4 spring onions , trimmed and finely chopped

3 oz. long-grained rice, washed, soaked in cold water FOR 30 minutes and drained

1 large cucumber, peeled and finely chopped

1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh chives

1 teaspoon grated lemon rind

1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh coriander leaves 8 fl. oz. dry white wine

Sprinkle the fish, inside and out, with half of the salt and pepper. Set aside.

Preheat the oven to moderate 350 °F (Gas Mark 4, 180°C).

In a large frying-pan, melt half of the butter over moderate heat. When the foam subsides, add the onions and spring onions and fry, stirring frequently, for 5 to 7 minutes or until the onions are soft and translucent but not brown. Add the rice, cucumber, chives, lemon rind, coriander leaves and the Urchins are really serve or coffee as a snack. remaining salt and pepper and fry, stirring constantly, for a further 5 minutes. Remove the frying-pan from the heat and set the mixture aside to cool.

Using a large spoon, stuff the cucumber and rice mixture into the cavity of the fish. Sew up the cavity with a trussing needle and string.

Place the fish in a large baking tin. Cut the remaining butter into small pieces and dot them over the fish. Pour over the wine and place the tin in the centre of the oven. Bake the fish, basting occasionally, for 35 to 45 minutes or until the flesh flakes easily when tested with a fork.

Remove the tin from the oven. Trans-fer the fish to a warmed serving dish. Pour over the cooking juices and serve immediately.

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