Tuna Fish

The tuna, or tunny as it is sometimes called, is a member of the MACKEREL family and is found in warm waters, including parts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and particularly the Medi-terranean. It is torpedo-like in appearance with a skin that is blue-grey above and silver below. It can grow up to 10 feet in length and weigh anything up to 1000 pounds.

The flesh of the tuna is pink in colour and has a close texture which bears a strong resemblance to meat. The best tuna comes from the belly of the fish.

Tuna may be eaten fresh, salted, smoked or canned in olive oil or brine. Fresh tuna may be cut into steaks and grilled , poached or baked. Canned tuna, which makes a useful standby for any store cupboard, is used in cooked dishes, such as QUICHE AU THON, in salads and as an hors d’oeuvrc.

Tuna, like most other fish, is a good source of protein and also supplies useful amounts of calcium and vitamins.

For other species of tuna fish sec the information on ALBACOKE and BONITO.

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