The Bandit Pheasant

MANY scores of young pheasants were killed by weasels in that field, which was understandable, but an old pheasant also killed several young pheasants, which was less understandable.

This particular bird was a wild one, which had laid its eggs in the open, and, after hatching them, was bringing up her chicks without any assistance, taking them about the open fields in a perfectly natural manner.

Happening in her wanderings to enter the field where the pheasant chicks were being reared in coops, this wild bird walked about picking up the abundance of food provided. Then, when she clucked and called her chicks to her, some artificially reared chicks innocently approached in obedience to the call. The old hen pheasant, resenting the intrusion of the strangers, immediately attacked and killed several of them.

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