SchizostyUs (Oaftre Lily) in the greenhouse

These are almost hardy bulbous plants which can be grown outdoors and will continue to flower in late autumn in a sheltered garden. They are excellent for the cool greenhouse, and for this should be potted from November to March, in a soil of two parts loam and one part decayed manure with a little sand.

Stand them in the cold frame until April, then plunge the pots up to the rim in a sunny border during the summer, lifting them into the greenhouse in September. They appreciate occasional doses of liquid fertilizer during the late summer and autumn.

The species cultivated ia S. coccinca, which has crimson flowers.

Scutellaria. Stove and herbaceous perennials. Pot in February or March fii a compost of two parts loam, one part. Leaf-mould, decayed manure and sand. They like a sunny position and a moderate amount of water, and should be syringed daily in the summer.

From May to December weak stimulants should be given to the plants. In February the shoots should be pruned baok to within 3 inches of the base, and when the main shoots are 3 inches long the points should be nipped off. Take cuttings of firm shoots in a temperature of 75 to 85 degrees in spring.

Sobralia. Stove terrestrial ordbida. (For cultivation se ORCHIDS.) Solandra. Climbing (lowering shrubs generally grown in the stove. They can be planted in pots or beds of soil composed of two parts sandy loam and one part equal proportions of peat, cow manure and sand.

Pot in February or March and water freely during the summer. Train the shoots to the rafters or trellis. Prune moderately in February. Propagate by duttings in spring. The Rpeeies generally cultivated is SnlaHJra rrawliflora. Peach Trumpet Flower, with cream and purple flowers.

Sophro-cartleya and Sophro-Lajlia. Bi-generio hybrid orchids, that is, crosses botween orchids of different genus. They include some of the best of modern hybrids. (For cultivation see ORCIIIDS.)

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