Saxifraga (London Pride – Rock foil)

This is a very extensive family of Alpines, and can be broken up into various sections.

There are the Mossy Saxifrages, which are very suitable for carpet bedding in the rock garden. These grow best in a moist loamy soil, and may be planted in autumn or spring. Saxifraga may be increased by division in spring. Seeds may also be sown in early spring in a cool greenhouse.

Then there is the Megasea section, with large leathery foliage. Plant in autumn or spring in an ordinary soil. They can be grown in either sunshine or shade, and are excellent for the town garden. These may be increased by division after flowering or by seeds sown in spring.

Plant those included in the encrusted section in spring in a compost of loam, leaf-mould and sand, with a little limestone chippings. Increase by division after flowering. Seeds may also be sown in the cool greenhouse or cold frame in early spring. This section has silvery foliage formed in rosettes.

The cushion saxifragas like a compost of loam, leaf-mould and fibrous peat, with an addition of sand. These like plenty of moisture and an open, sunny position. Plant in spring. Increase by division after flowering also by seeds sown in a cool greenhouso in early spring.

There are numerous other kinds, and these can mostly be grown in a compost of loam, leaf-mould, fibrous peat and sand. They like a fairly moist position in an open, sunny spot.

Some of the best varieties and species for cultivation in the amateurs garden are: MOSSY SECTION:

Knapton Pink, soft pink, May, 4 in.

Clibrani, large red, May, 4 in.

Fairy, shell-pink, May, 5 in.

Glasnevin Beauty, white, May, 2 in.

Hyptwides, pure white, May, 4 in.

Sanguinea supurba, deep red, May, 6 in.

MEOASEA SECTION: Ciliata, white, with dark centres, March, I ft. Cordifolia purpurea, rosy-purple, April, 1 ft.

Stracheyi, pink, April, 1 ft.

ENCRUSTED SECTION: Aizoon Balcana, spotted pink, 6 in.

A. lutea, primrose-yellow, 6 in.

Cotyledon Caterliamensis, white, freckled with red, 2 ft.

Dr. Ramsay, white, spotted pink, 1 foot.

Hostii, white with red stems, 6 in.

Valdensis, white, 2 in.

CUSHION SAXIFRAGES: Boryi, creamy-white flowers and blue-green foliage, March.

Delight, bright pink, 1 in.

Faldonside, yellow, March, 2 in.

Myra, cherry-red, March, 1 in.

Paulince, pale primrose.

Sundermanni, white, March, 2 in.

Other varieties suitable for the amateurs garden are: Dr. Jenkin, lilac-purple.

W. A. Clark, blood-crimson.

Azoides alrorubens, mahogany-red, 3 in.

Cuneifolia, dwarf London Pride, 4 in.

Geranoides, white.

Granulata, double-white, May-June, 2 ft.

Primulokles, Elliotts variety. Double Pink, London Pride, May-July.

Tendla, creamy-white, May, 3 ft.

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